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Azizul Hoque | Kureghor Band

Azizul Hoque is a Bangladeshi Musician. He was born in Dhubaura upazilla in Mymensing District on 7th December. From his childhood, Azizul was very much influenced into music. Later on, he joined Kureghor Band on 2017 and started his career as a lyricist of Kureghor Band. 

About Azizul Hoque

Azizul Haque | Kureghor Band
  • Designation: Lyricist
  • Band : Kureghor
  • Active Year : 2017 to present
  • Genre : Folk, Romantic, Sufi etc
  • Skills : Songwriting, Acting, Dancing, Athletics etc.
  • Hobby : Songwriting, Film Making, Travelling etc.
  • Hometown : Dhubaura
  • Birthday : 7th December
  • Influences : Milton Khandakar, Imtiaz Bulbul, Ukil Munsi
  • Quote :“Music is the universal language of mankind.”


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