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Imran Hossain Shanto


Imran Hossain Shanto | Kureghor Band

Imran Hossain Shanto is a Musician from Bangladesh (Born in 28 January 1995). He is the drummer of band Kureghor. Besides playing Drums , he is a classical, folk & sufi singer, trained from Bangladesh Shishu Academy and BAFA. He is also known as Multi-Instrumentalist as he can play various Musical Instruments. Besides doing music as a profession, Imran Hossain Shanto is also an independent film maker, working as a Director and an Editor in Bangladesh Media Industry.

About Imran Hossain

Imran Hossain Shanto | Kureghor
  • Designation: Drummer
  • Band : Kureghor (2020-Present)
  • Active Year :2006 to present
  • Genre : Rock,Jazz,Eastern Classical,Folk,Reggae
  • Skills : Drums Playing, Writing, Painting, Singing, Reciting, Video Editing (VFX), Designing
  • Hobby : Singing, Painting, Travelling, Gardening
  • Hometown : Barishal
  • Birthday : 28th January
  • Influences : Black, LRB, Aurthohin, Miles, Warfaze, Shironamhin, Pink Floyed, Metallica, Avanged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Mehmood Afridi Tony, Mike Protnoy, Thomas Lang and so on.
  • Quote : "Be the shinniest star of your own sky because only you know how you can make youself the shinest"


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