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Priom Majumder | Kureghor Band

Priom Majumder is a Bangladeshi Musician. He was born in Netrakona on
January 21. Priom is a multi-talented artist and performer. He is can play Drums, Dhol, Tabla, Djembe and many more percussion instruments. Besides, he is also a member of Prachyanat, Bangladesh. Priom Majumder Attended in Asian Youth Theater Festival in Singapore where he and his team represented Bangladesh as theater artist.

About Priom Majumder

Priyom Majumder | Kureghor Band
  • Designation: Percussionist
  • Band : Kureghor
  • Active Year : 2017 to present
  • Genre : Folk, Classical, Folk Fusion, Rock, Progressive Rock
  • Skills : Drums,Tabla, Dhol. Djembe, Octa-Pad and all kinds of Percussion Instruments.
  • Hobby : Music, Travelling, Volunteering, Learning New Instruments
  • Hometown : Netrokona
  • Birthday : 21st January
  • Influences : Joler Gaan, Chirkutt, Sivamani, Mithun Chakra and many more musicians.
  • Quote : ”Be the musician who is loved for his own creation”


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