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Shams Ul Alam | Kuregor Band

Shams Ul Alam is a Bangladeshi Musician.
He was born in Narayanganj on 12th November. Music became his passion from his early life. He then decided to learn guitar and so he joined the guitar class of George Lincon D’Costa ( Riff Guitarist and Lead Vocal Of Artcell Band) . Lately Shams Ul  Alam joined Kureghor Band in 2017. He became a regular member of Kureghor Band since 2019.

About Shams Ul Alam

Shams Ul Alam | Kureghor
  • Designation: Riff Guitarist
  • Band : Kureghor (2017-Present)
  • Active Year : 2015 to present
  • Genre : Rock, Eastern Classical, Folk, Ballad
  • Skills : Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin etc.
  • Hobby : Music, Travelling, Food, Playing Game
  • Hometown : Narayanganj
  • Birthday : 12 November
  • Influences : Lincon D'Costa, Ershad Zaman, Emon Chowdhury, Oni Hasan, Ayub Bacchu, David Gilmour ,Slash, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani etc.
  • Quote : ”Be the musician who is loved for his own creation”


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