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Tanbhir Siddiki is a Bangladeshi Lyricist, and was born in 1986 on 6th October in Netrakona, Bangladesh. He is the Co-Founder & Lyricist of Kureghor Band. He was one of the main influencers behind founding Kureghor Band back in 2017. Being the creator of some amazing songs such as Narider Dao Fashi, Rajar Rajje Shobai Golam, Manusher Dam Koto, Majh Raate, Aar Koto, etc; he didn’t take music as his full-time profession. Tanbhir Siddiki is an HR-Professional and Member of a professional network named “BSHRM” and “BOLD”. He is also the Co-Founder of a social initiative named “Labour Law Partner”, to help people access the “labor law” related information easily in Bangladesh.

About Tanbhir Siddiki

Tanbhir Siddiki Kureghor Band
  • Designation: Lyricist
  • Band : Kureghor
  • Active Year : 2017 to present
  • Genre : Song Writing
  • Skills : Songwriting, Poetry, HR Professional.
  • Hobby : Travelling, Studying, Cricket, Poetry etc..
  • Hometown : Netrokona
  • Birthday : 6th October
  • Influences : Anjan Dutt, Anupom Roy, Nachiketa, James (Nagarbaul), Tahsan, Atif Aslam, Sanampuri and many more.
  • Quote : “Philosophy is the highest music.”


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