Yeamin Pranto | Kureghor

Yeamin Pranto

Flutist & Side Vocal

Yeamin Pranto | Kureghor Band

Yeamin Pranto is a Bangladeshi Musician, Flutist and Session Artist. He was born in Rajshahi District, Bangladesh. He is the flutist and side vocal of Kureghor Band. He is also a multi-instrumentalist.

About Yeamin Pranto

Yeamin Pranto | Kureghor
  • Designation: Flutist & Side Vocal
  • Band : Kureghor (2017-Present)
  • Active Year : 2008 to present
  • Genre : Folk, Eastern Classical, Rock, Western, Funk, Blues
  • Skills : Flute Playing,Khomok Playing, Guitar Playing, Singing
  • Hobby : Pigeon Petting, Gardening, Singing,Flute Playing, Travelling
  • Hometown : Rajshahi
  • Birthday : 27th October
  • Influences : Hariprasad Chaurasia
  • Quote : ”Be the musician who is loved for his own creation”


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